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Funding eWalletExpress

Anyone wanting to use eWalletExpress online, whether they are purchasing goods or, our focus, purchasing credits at an online casino the first thing that they want to know is how to get money into their account with the company. Funding this account is very easy to do, there are many different options in which to transfer funds and they are all as safe and secure as the online account itself because they have the same security protocol.

The first option that we are going to discuss is used more for players who would like to send a large amount of money into their eWalletExpress account. This option is the Money Order; it sounds old school but it is still very reliable and very safe. To do this all any customer has to do is go purchase a money order for the amount they would like to deposit and get the mailing address of this company and drop it in the mail. Another option for those who want to send a lot of money is to use a bank wire because it is done through their own bank and they know it will get where it is supposed to go. The bank wire is also very easy to use just give the bank eWalletExpress’ information and tell them how much money is to be sent and then just wait, it can take up to 2 business days to complete this kind of transaction. These options are available to players from all over the world.

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For those players who live in Canada there are two different options that are specifically for them. The first one is called Interac Email Money Transfer. This is done with BMO Bank of Montreal, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank or Canada Trust and all customers have to do is send the money in or out directly from their bank account. This is the worlds one and only interbank based email money transfer and it only takes half an hour to an hour to be in the eWalletExpress account. The other Canadian option is called Online Bill Payment and it is one of the most popular in Canada. This allows customers to transfer funds from their bank accounts to their e wallet account instantly, which is always preferred. Simply enter the amount of deposit at e wallet and then go to the bank and complete the transaction, its that easy.

Players can also use Xpress Funds to fund their account. This option is also instant. To do this they must register their checking account with eWalletExpress, once that is done and all of the identity checks and verifications have been completed money can be transferred immediately.

Finally, customers can always use an electronic check or ACH to fund their eWalletExpress accounts. The bank account must first be registered by submitting the bank account information that can be found on a paper check such as the routing number and bank address. Once this is taken care of the money can be transferred and customers can start playing at their favorite casinos on the internet. Now that your account if funded, check out Strike It Lucky Casino or Grand Mondial Casino to make your deposit!